Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering (under review), 2023.
Authors: R.R. Hiemstra, T.-H. Nguyen, S. Eisentr├Ąger, W. Dornisch, D. Schillinger.


This paper introduces a mathematical framework for explicit structural dynamics, employing approximate dual functionals and rowsum mass lumping. We demonstrate that the approach may be interpreted as a Petrov-Galerkin method that utilizes rowsum mass lumping or as a Galerkin method with a customized higher-order accurate mass matrix. Unlike prior work, our method correctly incorporates Dirichlet boundary conditions while preserving higher order accuracy. The mathematical analysis is substantiated by spectral analysis and a two-dimensional linear benchmark that involves a non-linear geometric mapping. Our results reveal that our approach achieves accuracy and robustness comparable to a traditional Galerkin method employing the consistent mass formulation, while retaining the explicit nature of the lumped mass formulation.